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   Greetings, salutations, welcome and all that. This is the very first "yahu the blog". The first one is to lyk, who, what, and why. What it is, shall also be revealed. If you don't know when, the time is infinitely now. Where? Here in Chicago (near, adjacent, parallel and any other ways relative), of course. At risk of redundancy, I reiterate my name and moniker, Eliyahu, YahuTheMan and this is a YTM Production. I am a passionate being, artiat, son, brother, father, lover of the creator and the creation. I do freelance marketing by trade. We are an entire production network. We produce experiential community events abroad and locally. If we're not working a major corporate event, then a local, grass-roots, start up is just as important to us. Only thing better than building from the groud-up, is breaking ground to lay the foundation. In recent years there has developed a local network of independent artists. Working together we have organized businesses, experiential community events, local markets, work shops and fundraisers. We specialize in brand development, project planning, management, production, and staffing.With such partners as The GoShowLive, Festrocker Events, and Street Jewelent, YTM Productions means to provide a path to bridge humble obscurity to main stream stardom. This year YTM Productions will focus on audio, visual, event and content production. My freshman solo L.P. "First One Free", slated to drop this 50th year of hip-hop. Following later this summer the self titled group project "DadJam". Stream free or $5 download, "American Gangster Boogie Breaks", by Dj/Producer KDub

(YTM-Big City, F1F-NoThreat, Featuring...) . Show your support and sense of style, with official YTM brand T-shirts and hoodies, Look forward to more artists, collaborations, productions, products, shows, pop up performances, video shoots and work opportunities in the community, to keep the vibe buzzing. Stay tuned, say L.E.S.S. (Like, Enjoy, Shop, and Share).

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